April  3, 2004  Dale and I arrived at the Heritage Center for an early morning meeting with Burma Coleman  to do some pre-planning for the second annual Alumni Work Day.  Burma is in charge of the landscaping for the campus and we were delighted that she was going to lend her expertise to our alumni project.  When we arrived at the Heritage Center on a cold and very windy Saturday, we found that Burma had planted tulips and daffodils around the porch and had also planted some foundation shrubbery.  Very nice.

We found Burma in her greenhouse watering her seedlings.  For the next two hours we walked the grounds and with her plant suggestions, came up with a planting guide.  Depending on the number of people and plants we have available, we mapped out priority areas.  Burma is a wealth of knowledge.  She is so delighted that the alumni is taking an interest in the Heritage Center's grounds.  We told her it was a labor of love.

The daylilies that we planted last year were all looking good.  Burma loved the lilies donated by Randy last year and had daylilies on her wish list  but wanted some colors other than yellow or orange.  There is a very large patch of old fashioned ditch lilies in the back.  

One project that is on the "wish list" is to clean out around the old spring house.  This little building is so unique and just a clearing out would restore the charm.  Maybe we will have some young, strong alums who can tackle this job.

We thought the school was draining the little pond in the backyard.  Burma told us that the beavers who created the pond had moved on.   She said maybe some new beavers would come in and restore the dam.   Wonder if we put up a vacancy sign - "Beavers Wanted".  It would be a shame to lose the charming, little pond. 

When you stand in front of the Heritage Center and look across the field to the original Thurmond Farm Family house and barn, you can easily imagine yourself back at Rabun Gap in the 50's.   Our thanks go to the J.C. alums who worked to make the Heritage House a reality.   We are looking forward to May 1st and hopefully a large crowd of alumni workers.  It will be fun preparing for the return of our friends to Homecoming.

After our meeting with Burma, we joined Carolyn Carnes Brewer for lunch at the Cupboard Restaurant in Dillard.  We appreciate  Carolyn for being our eyes and ears in Rabun County.   With her unique writing style, she takes us with her around the county.  Lunch with Carolyn is always great fun.    We ran into Gregg Ziegler having lunch and he told Dale that he and his wife have purchased a home in Otto.  It is my understanding that Gregg was very instrumental in the creation of the Heritage Center.  For that we are very grateful to him and wish he and his family happiness in their new home.

 After lunch we headed to see our favorite dairyman and of course for some ice cream.  Jimmy Moore's ice cream is just the best there is.  We convinced him to come ramble with us.  He told us about a barn on Blue Ridge Gap Road that is very special.  Dale and I have walked through manure, climbed fences,  tresspassed,  fought off dogs, and bore the bitter cold to photograph barns in Rabun County so having a guide would be a luxury for us.

 Driving down Wolffork Valley Road you pass one of the most beautiful spots in Rabun County.  Looking across the valley to the Wolffork Baptist Church.  On this early spring day, a maple was ablaze with color.  The little church shines like a jewel in the valley.

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