Will America close its doors? 
Choose to turn our backs 
And reject those who seek the freedoms we have? 

Will America be sacrificial? 
Sacrificial of time, talents and money 
From the enormous bounty with which we are blessed? 

Will Americans be a godly people? 
A people dedicated to private meditation, prayer 
And the fellowship of worship? 

Will America be united? 
Lay aside our hates and prejudices 
And join hands and hearts in the strength of unity? 

Will America tolerate acts of terror? 
Acts designed to undermine and 
Destroy this body of united travelers? 

Will America remember? 
Those innocent souls caught up in the 
Maelstrom of violence and rescue? 

Will America lose our freedoms? 
Freedoms built on the wisdom, courage and blood 
Of our ancestors and fellowmen? 

Will America display wisdom, courage and blood? 
A quiet confidence built on our willingness 
To risk all for our children and fellowmen? 

Copyright 9/16/01 
J. Harold Thurmond 

Song: "God Bless the USA"

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