It has been wonderful over the last year getting our RGNS family back together
again.  I have often mentioned on site and in Dale's Tales that we are a group of
friends that have joined together forming a "Circle of Love".
With much pleasure I would like to share with you Harold Thurmond's poem defining the
"Circle of Love".  Thank you, Harold, for putting into words what we all hold in our
May the circle be unbroken.


We choose to be imprisoned,
Choose to be enslaved,
Choose to be as one
With our fellow travelers.

No walls, only Love
To have and to hold,
No bars, just Friendships
That break all the molds.

No chains, only Memories
That giggle and cry,
No shackles, just Respect
For each, you and I.

Friendship means companions,
Memories provoke the mirth,
Love encircles each person,
Respect brings sense of worth.

The circle of love grows wide,
The sphere of ardor runs deep,
Held safe and secure within each soul,
To have and to hold and to keep.

Copyright 2001
J. Harold Thurmond
Randall Hughes
Dale Denham Shaffield
Beverly Guthrie Lougher

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