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June 3, 2004

The Alumni Heritage Center,  decked out with the flowers planted on Alumni Work Day,  is ready for Homecoming.  Let the party begin!



One last chore to finish before our friends arrive.  The Heritage Center's Official Mailbox is installed.

       Dale Denham Shaffield, Charlie Underwood, 
Barbara Lewis Estes, Hazel Guthrie Underwood, 
and Jim Lougher study the mailbox.

Charlie works, Jim watches, and Dale supervises. 


The Fry House mailbox is attached to an old FFA post.

Janie Owens approves the mailbox with enthusiasm.


June 4, 2004

The first Friday in June brings the alumni home to Rabun Gap.




    Angie Brach Parkerson arrives with cases 
of cookbooks. Dennis Dickerson and Jack Ayers 
admire her wonderful cookbook. 

     Dale, Beverly Guthrie Lougher, Barbara, Viola Robbins Starr,
 Hazel,  and Martha Ann Cornette Mann. 
Come Get Your Cookbooks!


   The romance blossoms - 
Cleo Dodson and Jane Tanner Bridges

Bob Kehres and Fern Dodd Strickland, Jane and Cleo,
 Susan Houghtaling Odom, Charlie and Hazel, 
Martha Ann, Jim, Dale, Barbara, and Viola.


                        Great excitement!  The Hugger has arrived.

   James Smith wastes no time in hugging 
      Hazel and Carol Dickerson Dunbar.


         Bringing smiles of joy, Joe and Sarah Garner Bondurant
  join the party.

   Sisters, Adilene Burrell Davis and Beverly Burrell Bennett
  greet sisters,  Billie Bert Shope Harrell 
   and Robbin Shope Houston.   


Beverly and Dale pose with Phil  Landers  and his re-creation 
of the gym floor Indian we all remember. 

        After much whining and begging from Beverly and Dale,  Phil agreed to   paint our Indian and create the cookbook  poster, both are a work of art.
  Thank you Phil for "volunteering".



       Phil surprises Barbara .  Old sweethearts reunited 
after 46 years.

                   They still could be voted "The Cutest Couple".


Phil overcome with the joy of it all - hugs everyone. 
 Jim seems surprised and delighted..

We were all surprised and delighted when Bill Kelly walked in.
  He chats with Billy Joe Stiles and Jimmy Moore.  
 Bill returned from Montana in time for Homecoming.


Patsy Rice Cunningham, Hazel, Beverly Burton Struble, 
Fern, Patty Cone Gober, and Mildred -
 the class of 54 always having fun..

Phillip Stanley greets his old friend Phil.


 Pat Wright McNulty and brother, Vernon Wright.

  Linda Landers with Phil and Barbara. 
 Linda is a favorite with all.


Billie Bert with Harold Thurmond and Robbin. 
 Three of our favorite "Community Kids".

Bill, Hazel, Charlie, James, and Lee 
rocking and reminiscing.


Beverly warmly greets Lib and Karl Anderson.

Bill visits with Walter Birdsong '48, J. T. Coleman '47 
and Malcom Dillard


Phil and Beverly were happy to see Bud Darnell. 
 Bud has a great talent as a story teller.

Bob Welden wandered in for a hug from Dale.


One of our favorite ladies -
Ann Mays Brooker with husband Dave.

Ralph Merrow and Harold with Jane King Cumby
 who was overjoyed to see everyone.



We shared a short ceremony to honor Gregg Ziegler who is retiring from the Headmaster position.


 The Alumni Executive Committee and alumni gathered
    to bid farewell to Gregg Ziegler and wish him the best.

   Gregg was presented with an engraved lamp in appreciation
    for his service.  Gregg enjoys the moment with Vernon Wright.


The school mascot was changed under Gregg's watch. 
 Phil shared with him the true mascot. 
 Always was and always will be. 
 Rabun Gap Indians.

Being the good sport - Gregg posed with our mascot 
 and wanted to keep it but Dale keeps a firm hold on it.
 Billy Joe claimed it for the Archives.


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