RGNS Centennial Homecoming 
Friday June 6, 2003
by Dale Denham Shaffield    

Homecoming started a week early for me since I went up on Friday May 30th to help Janie with preparation.  Beverly came up on Saturday and we started our creation of the 50’s board. 

Sunday morning we completed the board. Bev went to work laying pine straw in all the flower beds and I made sure they had a good drink of water. Here is one of Randy’s daylilies in bloom that we planted back in May.

As you can see the school spared no expense and brought out the heavy duty mowers for ground maintenance

The next week was a full one and flew by.  Before I knew it Friday June 6th had arrived.  The AHC and the tent were ready to receive their guests.


Susan had done a beautiful job on documenting the 100 years of RGNS in the restored Centennial Cabinet that the 50’s Alumni had contributed to.  And, the last of the class pictures, back from the framer, were hung.

As you entered the reception room of the AHC there was a beautiful presentation in memory of Miss Frances Fabrick.  Thanks to Ann, Fern, Patsy, Jim D., and Susan.

The main room of the AHC was set up with tables for registering, the bookstore, free centennial T-shirts, and tiles for the classes celebrating their 25th and 50th anniversaries to sign and later be added to the alumni walk which is located in the courtyard behind the center.

The “board” room is filled with displays from the decades 1920-2000.  Different alumni come the month before homecoming and do their board.  Billy Joe is the creative one who sets up the display. It is really neat to look at each decade and see the changes over the years.  Such as students hairstyles, clothing fashion, etc.  Of course, it goes without saying we 50’s were the neatest kids around.

Soon the center begin filling with alumni, happy and excited, to see their fellow schoolmates.

The Ward family always makes a grand entrance.  With Hazel and myself in every picture with Ron you would think we’re family.  Come to think of it we ARE family!!

Who is that peeking over Ron’s shoulder? 

The band arrived and the party begins.  Curtis Blackwell and The Dixie Bluegrass Boys were there to entertain us.

 So was Vi with her buck dancing. 

I love this picture.  I’ve titled it:
“When Vi speaks………EVERYBODY listens”.


Photos  2003 by Beverly Guthrie Lougher
and Dale Denham Shaffield


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