RGNS Homecoming June, 2002
Preface by J. Harold Thurmond - Class of 60

Welcome to the RGNS 2002 Homecoming Memories pages. Take a stroll through the weekend activities with the people who were there. Read their thoughts and recollections; recall the memories of your youth. See visual proof that your schoolmates have aged more than you; handsome hunks with changed waistlines and hairlines; beautiful babes still possessing that come-hither allure. Visit the parties, dinners and cookouts; munch on burgers, dogs and ice cream. Travel the always beautiful campus and farm; rock on the porch of the Heritage Center; walk the patio recognizing class anniversaries; honor those who served as leaders and mentors; worship in the chapel and remember dear friends and siblings who have gone on. A myriad of details and activities are condensed and highlighted within. Enjoy this encounter with the past through the eyes of friends and cameras. 

Friday, June 7, 2002
Chalet #14 - Highlands Road -
by Beverly Guthrie Lougher - Class of 58

Party jitters, excitement, expectations.... Will anyone come? Is there enough parking space?
Will we have enough food? Old friends, new friends, spouses and a dog named Daisy.

All came and all was well....
We did have enough and all we needed was each other and our memories....
"Remember you, of course I remember you, why you haven't changed a bit, I would know you anywhere...."
"And then Hayden decided he would try to outrun the police......"
"Mr. Philp had the Trailaways bus drive right up to the dorm and pick up those boys......"
"I would love to see Barbara (PeeWee Lewis), I wish she would come......."
"Oh I loved Aunt Mary, she was so wonderful to work for......."
"The man stepped out from behind the tree and said, "What are you boys doing here?"........
"Why Miss Fabrick could out hike all of us......."
"On the basketball trips, it was amazing how Coach Cook and Mr. Brown never turned around....."
"And we would sit on the dining hall porch, after working so hard, and eat watermelon...."
"Remember skimming the cream off the milk in the mornings....."
"The boys would go to the Baptist and Methodist Church just to get off campus...."
"Stoking the furnace was my job...."
"The old gym holds so many memories for me....."
"It is a shame Patsy's not here, she would love this....
"Oh my... it is so good to see you, I'm so glad you came..."

Ya'll come back in 2003........

Memory from
J. Harold Thurmond - Class of 60

My highlight of RGNS Homecoming 2002 was an opportunity to visit the school farm land that I grew up on. The farm is now owned by National Textiles and they graciously allowed myself and friends to visit and photograph the old barns that remain there.

A bit of history: We lived on the farm from 1946 to 1955. In 1951 the school built us a new house, a dairy barn and a hay barn and set the family up in the dairy business. The house has been moved off the land, the dairy and hay barns remain though in a state of disrepair. During the short visit many memories flooded my mind. Summertime bathing in the creek with a bar of Lava soap; fishing that same creek for horny heads; plowing with our mules, Bob and Alec, hoeing corn, milking cows, learning to drive in the hayfield; hailstones the size of golf balls that destroyed everyone's crops; roaming the valley and hills wherever and whenever we wanted, setting out rabbit boxes; thick, wet, morning fog, lazing on a hilltop with clouds floating dreams to distant places, twilight on the hills; the supper table with Mama, Dad, Annette and William, Mama's cornbread baked in a woodstove. 

HT 1952

HT 2002

Memory From
Hazel Guthrie Underwood - Class of 54

Homecoming 2002 was like going home again.  I would have to say that the main highlight was seeing James Smith again after 51 years and meeting his wife, Lee.  We had a wonderful time remembering our days at RGNS - still couldn't remember that cabin.

Having the Heritage House made it special because we had a place to gather and call our own.  Sitting on the porch was a perfect place to visit old friends and make new friends.  The rockers looked great.

The get together on Friday night in the relaxed atmosphere of the old farm house was the perfect place for our group to kick off the weekend.

Saturday morning at the Farm Family breakfast, it was great fun to be a waitress  again.  I enjoyed the good natured ribbing.

Chapel on Sunday was very touching, remembering friends who passed away. Ann's walk for her sister Jane brought tears to my eyes.  I also had a chance to visit with Mr. Brown who was a very special teacher and my coach.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone again at our Centennial Celebration in 2003.

Memory from
Dale Denham Shaffield - Class of 59

My first memory........is Ron Ward

Memory From
Carol Dickerson Dunbar - Class of 52

It's hard to just tell you about one or two highlights of the weekend. It was all very special, but one of the outstanding highlights was seeing Alice Brown at the picture taking on Saturday afternoon. Had not seen her since our 25th!

I guess the most special time was our class dinner at the Dillard House celebrating our 50th anniversary. Everyone was there with the exception of Alice Brown and Oscar Henry. We had great food and a great time.

Another was meeting James and Lee Smith. I had recently found a Christmas card and a Valentine card that he had sent me in high school and showed it to him. As I remember, we kinda liked each other back then. All the girls were chasing him as he was such a handsome fellow.

Another special time was at the picnic when we gathered as many as we could at the time that were cousins. However we missed Carolyn, David Brown and Malcom. Verlyn Keener had already left at the time our photo was taken. I missed Twigg, also.

Back Row: Doyle Smith, Tim Dickerson, Dennis Dickerson, William Thurmond, Fritz Vinson, Harold Thurmond.
Front Row: Carol Dickerson, Shirley Keener and Ruth Dickerson.

Memory From
Susie Brim Harkins Peterson - Class of 59

Welllllllll, I'm slow (to say the least!) but I'm steady. You know what "they" say about good intentions and I'm definitely doing my share of the paving!! lol.  I am so sorry it has taken me so long to send this. I'm much more at home behind the camera than I am in front of it!
I had Blake take this pic this morning before I could procrastinate any longer. He was working in the yard so I went outside and gave him a quick lesson on working the camera, grabbed up the painting and planted myself in front of him before either of us could change our minds.

I apologize for delaying so long in letting everyone know just how exciting it was to learn that our ticket had been drawn to receive Carolyn's painting. I just couldn't believe it at first but Susan assured me it was true. Blake was as thrilled as I was.
Susan notified me when the painting was packaged and mailed and I did a little rearranging so that I would be certain to be home when it arrived. Sure enough, the package arrived right on schedule and I was waiting!
Blake and Patrick, our grandson, were eager for me to open the package so we could all see the painting together so I got busy right away. In just a few minutes we were all oohing and aahing over it and they were telling me just how lucky I was that our ticket had been drawn.
Yes, this lovely painting has found a happy home and we are very proud to be its new owners.
Thank you, Carolyn, for recording this special piece of RGNS history. And thank you for your generosity in offering this piece for raffle. I am honored to be the recipient of your talent and your kindness. What a wonderful treasure you have shared with us!

photos  2002 by Beverly Guthrie Lougher, J. Harold thurmond
Charlie Underwood, Carol Dickerson Dunbar, Susie Brim Harkins Peterson

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