Volume7 May 06, 2003 

First Annual Alumni Work Day
May 3, 2003

We cheer as we come a’ marching…
To the school we love so well…

Everyone arrived early Saturday morning at the Heritage Center eager to work.

Dale, Janie, Hazel, Bev, Wilma, Alice, Susan, Kathy, and Charlie.

 Missing in the picture are Billy Joe and Adam Tyler, a 7th grade middle school student, who volunteered his service.

Janie and I gave Kathy instructions on how to clean the rocking chairs.

Kathy with the help of Adam had the “fun” job of cleaning the 30 rockers and the porch.

Next Janie and I gave instructions to Charlie (Master gardener) on how to plant the dozens of daylilies Randy sent.  (Do you see a pattern here?)

Armed with the knowledge just provided to him, Charlie was anxious to begin his job.

I must admit Charlie is a fast learner, he moved from one project to the next without Janie or me having to instruct him.  Next he put up a Bluebird house he had built for the Heritage Center.

Then he planted the three Crepe Myrtles Alice brought.

He would have gotten more work done if he had not been distracted.

When Hazel wasn’t playing with Charlie she was playing in the dirt.

We broke around noon to have lunch.  The table was spread with tons of food and we all pigged out; some of us more than others.

After lunch it was back to work.  Although we don’t have pictures to prove it, Susan and Bev worked for hours on the Impatiens bed.  I think they planted around 200-250 plants, along with Liriope and Dusty Miller, under the tree in the courtyard.  The result is beautiful.

Susan took this picture of Bev planting a few more Impatiens.

Janie, Alice and I socked in a few plants around the front of the house.

Janie, Billy Joe, and Hazel were busy weeding and I planted a few Hostas. Billy Joe was also showing the group a plant that you rub on yourself when you have gotten poison ivy on your skin.  I don’t remember the name of the plant.

Now I know you’ve been asking yourself “what about Charlie” what has he been doing after lunch? 
Here are a few more projects he managed to get done.

He helped Bev with this beautiful planter and then gathered up rocks to place around the base of the flowerpot.

We completed our project around two in the afternoon.  All of us so tired we could hardly stand up.  We picked up our trash and stood around looking at the results.  We were very pleased.

And, Charlie, you ask?  Susan captured him busy cleaning up.

I would like to thank everyone who donated to this project. Randy, for sending the daylilies, Carol, Ann, and Harold for sending a donation to purchase flowers.  All those who showed up contributing flowers, trees, bags of soil, flowerpots and most of all your labor of love. To Alice who drove five and a half-hours to deliver the Crepe Myrtles. To the unknown person who dropped off a flat of Salvia. To Adam who brought flowers and gave up his Saturday to help us. Thanks to Jim Darnell and Burma Coleman who, along with Susan, did the ground preparation. And a very special thanks to our honorary alumnus, Charlie. Your love for Rabun Gap Nachoochee School goes unquestioned.

For those of you who couldn’t join us this year, we are going to make this an annual event.  One month before Homecoming we will have an alumni workday.  We’ll look forward to you joining us next year.

We were few in numbers but we were mighty in strength and spirit. Friends, schoolmates and faculty who joined together in the “Circle of Love”.

We will ever be true and loyal to…
The white the green and gold…

Photos  2003 by Beverly Guthrie Lougher
and Susan Houghtaling Odom

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