Alumni BB Game January 28, 2003 

RGNS Alumni Basketball Game 2003

January 10, 2003   

The Rabun Gap Alumni/Faculty Basketball Game is a fun time for all who attend.  The faculty makes sure all the alums feel welcome and are well fed.  The Hospitality Room is a terrific way to start the evening with much good food, fellowship and good-natured kidding.  I have compiled a few pictures of the evening.  I hope you all enjoy them as much as we enjoyed being there.  Please join us next year.

Don and Terry Kelly, Hazel Underwood, Bill and Carol Dunbar, Janie Owens and Susan Odom gathered for a group photo.  Janie had presented everyone with T-Shirts.  These shirts were imprinted on the back with the many reasons for attending Rabun Gap, which had been submitted by students past and present.  These shirts will be available for all the alumni at Homecoming. 

We all were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our coach who always livens up the crowd.  Bill arrived with many hugs and smiles and it wasn’t too long until the chicken wings were disappearing.

The Kellys were well represented.  Don was soon chatting with his sisters, Odelle and Wilma.  It is always fun to be with a gaggle of Kellys, they do know how to have fun.  Also, our two tallest players were Kellys -  Tom Kelly ’67 (first cousin to Bill) and Levi Kelly ’97 who is Tom’s son.   When I say tall, I mean tall.  From Susan I learned that also playing in the game were Jean Kelly Lindstedt ’70, Tom’s sister and Claude Kelly ’79, Bill and Linda’s son and brother to Cathy Kelly Parker.  Gail Hamby Coleman ’72 also played.  She is the daughter of Odelle Kelly Hamby.  Is everyone totally confused now?

Cathy Kelly Parker, Bill and Linda Means Kelly arrived to add to the Kelly crowd.  It was wonderful to hear that Jean is healing and we all are looking forward to seeing her in June.  Cathy of course played in the game and she is so full of fun and energy.  She was trying to sway the referee’s call by whispering sweet nothings in his ear. 

The last Kelly to walk in was a delight to see after all these years. Larry Kelly and I had a great time reminiscing.  I had not seen Larry since 1958 and I am happy that Larry has promised to come to Homecoming this year.   

Carol was enjoying a short visit with her friend Dimmie Ziegler.


Jackie and Dess Oliver stopped by.
 Jackie says they have been very busy working on the Tallulah Falls Railroad Museum.  The handsome young man in the background is Scott Fagan '84.  The campus pictures he took on the day after the game certainly brought out some of our concerns. 


  Dess took some good-natured ribbing about this picture of him in his younger days.   I had read that Dess had taught dancing at the Gap and assumed it was ballroom, fox trot, waltz, folk, etc. but found out from Jackie it was DISCO. 


Hazel and I really had fun talking with Amanda Wilson who works in the Administration Department.  She was so gracious and allowed Hazel and me to go on and on about the good old days before all the campus changes.


We all adjourned to the gym and watched a very good game with Jefferson.  The Rabun Gap's Eagles soared a few times but sadly came up short.  A little more height on the team and they would have won.  At half time the Homecoming Court and King and Queen were presented.   Beautiful young ladies and good looking young men having a great time enjoying the “glory days”.  (Ah yes I remember them well.)  I watched with awe as the girls walked in those platform shoes.  I don’t know how they do it.

Janie announced the lineups for the game.

Alumni Team being introduced.

It's my ball and I go first!

Who moved the basket.

A group shot of all the alums that played in the game. Susan was really cheering this year because her son, Chris, played for the alums.  He is the last one on the left with the beard – a very good looking man.   Last year there was much good-natured play with a definite laxness of rules.  This year would prove to be slightly different. As our group warmed up, little did they know what lay in wait.

The game started and Coach Bill had mostly women alums on the court.

 It was evident right from the jump off that the faculty had come to play and they wanted to win. 

Janie said they had been practicing and she felt very sure there was a “ringer” or two on the court with the faculty.  I got it from a very good source that this “friend of faculty”, who was a great basketball player, was the ringer.  I told him to smile for me; I was going to make him famous.  He was a good sport about it.

Our amazing Carol was scrambling for the ball when she was pushed and slide across the gym floor on her face.  All of us held our breath until she bounced back up.  I thought Janie was going to faint from fright when Carol hit the floor.

Coach Bill with a worried look on his face.  WE ARE LOSING!!!  Time for some serious substituting. 

This team took to the court and put our team back in the lead.

After the game Glenda Voiles and Kathy Sparks had a moment of discussion over who had played the best.  I think this wrestling match was definitely a draw.

Hazel, Terre and Bill give a big cheer to our All Star – Carol.  Carol you were truly amazing and we all were very proud of you.  We all had a great time again this year. The game was much more competitive with less horsing around but very exciting to watch.  Coach Bill was very pleased that his winning streak was unbroken.  Bill I think you had better do some serious planning for next year, I believe the faculty is sneaking up on us.

One last picture for all to enjoy.  Hazel and I went by and visited with Carol and Bill Dunbar at the Dickerson home place on Saturday morning.   What a lovely lady our Carol is.

Photos  2003 by Beverly Guthrie Lougher

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