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We share a common heritage: Rabun Gap Nacoochee School.  Our intent in these pages is to honor and share that heritage.  RGNS has influenced us in varying ways and to different degrees.  Through pictures, stories, articles and poems we want to revive and preserve the histories and memories.  These pages will also carry information and reports on current events at the school and in the surrounding communities.  The school, the people, interesting places in the county, happenings, even the mountains and valleys themselves may find a place here.  Our hope is to inform, involve and entertain.  Join us as we ramble around Rabun.  We welcome ideas and suggestions.  Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts.

  2003 Alumni Basketball Game

Alumni Work Day 2003

Alumni Work Day 2006

Homecoming 2004

RGNS  Centennial Kickoff Celebration Farm Family Ice Cream Social 2003 Homecoming 2002 

Homecoming 2005

Centennial Celebration Farm Family Gathering 2004 Homecoming 2003

Homecoming 2006


Homecoming 2007


Archived work from our group

Works by J. Harold Thurmond

"Life in the RGNS Farm Family Program"

"Simplicity of Life"

"I Heard My Mother Singing in the Kitchen"

"The Timeless Tide of the Sibilant Sea"

"Snipe Hunt" by J. Harold Thurmond

"The Mobius Way"

"Frosty Dawn"

Harold's "Reflections on R.G.N.S."

"Circle of Love" by J Harold Thurmond

"Will America.." by J. Harold Thurmond

"For These Our Blessings" by J. Harold Thurmond

"An Evening Prayer" By J. Harold Thurmond


Carolyn's Corner

Carolyn's Profile

October in Wolffork

Carolyn's Corner

Carolyn's Paintings


Special Works

Happy Valentines Day

 Christmas Memories

 Barns of Wolffork Valley 

Wolffork Baptist Church Page One

Wolffork Baptist Church History Page Two

Tallulah Falls Spring Festival

Hambidge Center

Cades Cove

Cataloochee Valley

Beverly and Dale's Adventures

North Carolina Get-A-Way

Southern Heritage

Blossoms and Byways

Here We Go Again

A Day in the Mountains

Dale's Tales

  #14 February 10, 2002

#13 December 2, 2001

 #12 September 5, 2001

#11 July 1, 2001


 RGNS School Site

Other Sites of Interest

Hemlock Hill

                  Francis Mill


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