Homecoming Weekend at Rabun Gap is a fun time for all the alumni who gather to see old friends and remember time shared.   Let us take you through the weekend.  For those who came, it will bring a smile of remembrance.  For those who could not come, it is our way of sharing this special weekend in June.    Coming home to the Gap.

The Alumni Work Crew did a great job getting the Heritage House ready for homecoming.  

The Kelly Hosta Garden makes the courtyard a very inviting place for the alumni.

Burma Coleman refinished this old garden bench for the alumni to enjoy.

Dale Denham Shaffield '59 came up a week early to help Janie Owens and to work with Billy Joe Stiles on the alumni boards.  She filled the front cabinet with pictures of the Alumni Work Day and last year's Homecoming.

The 50's board is crammed with memories of our years at Rabun Gap.

The cookbook table is ready for the books from Angie Brack Parkerson '59.  Our cookbook project has been so successful, we were able to purchase a copier for Billy Joe for the Archives. We hope to add a display cabinet to the Alumni Heritage Center with additional sales.  Billy Joe Stiles said the copier had been working overtime getting ready for Homecoming.

Billy Joe Stiles '49 and Betty Philp Brooks '48 set up a display honoring the past and present leaders of the school.  

The Service Roll is being updated from the information sent in from all our veterans.  The school takes pride in our classmates who have served our country and want to recognize them.
The Alumni Heritage Center is ready and waiting for the returning alumni.  Let the party begin!


Thursday - June 2, 2005

Some alumni just can't wait for Friday and start the party on Thursday.  

 Here we have Jim Lougher, Del Estes, Barbara Lewis Estes '58, Dale, and Hazel Guthrie Underwood '54  getting right down to the business of rocking and visiting at the Farm House.

 Charlie Underwood made a run to Pizza Hut and we invited Jim Darnell '57, Susan Houghtaling Odom '57, Bill Kelly '55 to join us.  Jimmy Moore '57 dropped by later with tons of ice cream.

Beverly Guthrie Lougher '58 enjoying Jimmy's company.

Beverly enjoying Bill's company. 
 Hazel says Beverly is having way too much fun.
   Bill seems to be asking for help from on high.

The evening was filled with laughter with Jim Darnell, Jimmy Moore, and  Bill Kelly telling joke after joke.  Jimmy is still trying to remember the punch line to his last joke - he left it hanging from a balcony. 

Friday, June 3, 2005

Official registration started at noon on Friday and we were there to watch for the first arrivals.

Barbara and Hazel waiting for those first hugs.

We were delighted to see Rodney Pless '60 with wife, Kay.  Angie Brack Parkerson '59 came early, loaded down with cookbooks. Dale was the official greeter.

Foster Goolsby, JC '40 visits with Jim Lougher.  Foster was Jim's principal at Tucker High School and Jim comes with Beverly to Homecoming mainly to see him.

Bill Kelly stopped to chat with one of his favorite people, Theresa Halcomb, the school dietitian.  She was checking on the snacks for the alums. Charlie Underwood watches for arrivals.

True to his word, Rodney was the first to "man" the cookbook table.  Angie relaxes for probably the only time all weekend.

Susan was happy to see Dennis Dickerson '54.

Hubert Roper '59 arrived and was surrounded by Dale, Rodney, and Angie.

Our favorite sweethearts arrived.  Cleo Dodson '52/55 and Jane Tanner Bridges '52.

Susan enjoys showing the board to Jane and Cleo. 

The arrival of our oldest alumna, Ruby Brown van Rooyen '25, brought a smile to Billy Joe's face.

Billy Joe had prepared a special display for Ms. Ruby.  She was delighted.

There was a big commotion in the front yard.  Ron Ward '55 had arrived!  He grabbed Dale and started hugging.

Then he put a bear hug on Beverly.  She loved it!

Then he hugged Barbara. 

Then he hugged Hazel.   Then he hurried inside to find someone else to hug!

Brother Ken Ward '57 looked like he wanted to get in on that hugging so Hazel obliged.

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